MEC Thin-Film Deodorizing Process

* Thin-Film Tray Deodorizer
* Heat Recovery for Energy Saving
* Vacuum System for Less Steam Consumption

MEC Refining Process

* No Damage for Oil due to Non Centrifugal Separation Proces
* High Yield Ratio
* Stable Operation Environment
* Silent Operation due to no rotation part
* Less Energy Consumption
* Easy Maintenance

MEC Hydrogenation Process

* High Safety Operation due to no rotation parts
* High Productivity due to High Gas-Liquid Contact Efficiency
* High Quality Products by Controlling Reactor Temperature
* Hydrogen Flowmeter System

MEC Wintering Process

* Unique Crystalization Process for Good Quality Crystal
* Compact Body of Super Filter
* Wide Filtration Area of Super Filter
* Cake-Melting Capability of Super Filter
* Realizing to conduct Automatic Operation

MEC Interesterification Process

* No Washing Water required