Corporate Concept

Message from President

Miura Engineering Co.,Ltd. (MEC) was originally established in 1948 to meet a need for personnel consulting service. In the course of personnel consulting service, MEC expanded its business area for technical engineering service. In 1975, MEC introduced "High Pressure Steam Boiler" technology and its manufacturing license in Japan from BAMAG VERFAHRENS TECHNIK GmbH, West Germany.

Since then, MEC has grown steadily as an all-round engineering company providing total engineering service for edible oil industry fields, including overseas customers. MEC has always addressed the needs of tomorrow, and continued to develop new technologies and expertise.

Today, MEC has constantly achieved engineering contracts for edible oil plant, facilities and machinery, from planning and design, procurement and construction. Campro deodorizer technology from Cambrian Engineering Co.,Ltd. , Canada that MEC has introduced in 1982 is the core of MEC's engineering technology, meeting strong demand for high quality of edible oil.

It is a management concept of MEC which has continued asking what MEC can contribute for the needs of customers that are always diversified. As long as MEC continues having this posture, I am sure that new step-up will be generated by MEC.

From now on, MEC will make the best effort so that your expectation may be met.

Shigeo Miura
Miura Engineering Co.,Ltd.


Corporate Spirit



Corporate Histroy

September 1948
Started as the Labor Management Consultant
June 1958
Started Entrusted business for Metal Welded Test Laboratory
November 1976
Settled License Agreement for High Pressure Boiler with Bamag Verfahren GmbH, West Germany
March 1979
Settled License Agreement for Steam Energy Saving System with Sodeti SA, France
June 1982
Settled License Agreement for Campro Deodorizing System with Cambrian Engineering Co.,Ltd, Canada
June 1984
Settled License Agreement for Zenith Refining System with AB Pellerin Zenith, Sweden
June 2021
39th anniversary of Campro Deodorizing system in Japan