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Miura Engineering Co.,Ltd. (MEC) is providing engineering service for edible oil industries to meet technology needs with its experience and expertise for your future success

Current Project

  • Oil & Fat company in Yokohama, Japan, IC-PJ Plant Installation work
  • Oil & Fat company in Aichi pref., Japan, Decanter replacement work
  • Oil & Fat company in Tokyo, Japan,Deodorizing process citric acid addition flow meter introduction
  • Oil & Fats company in Aichi prefu., Japan, Alfa Laval De-gumming equipment installation work
  • Oil & Fats company in Kobe, Hyogo Pref. Japan, Booster replacement for deodorizer
  • Oil & Fats company in Kobe, Hyogo pref., Japan, 930KW High Pressure Boiler replaceme


  • September 9, 2023 We have celebrated the 75th anniversay of our company founding